How to Lose Weight and Shed Inches

So, you’ve decided to lose weight. Congratulations! You’ve just embarked upon an important journey in the name of improving your health and self-image. But where do you start? With so many diets and workout regimens out there, it can be rough figuring out how to lose weight in the way that is right for you.
We here at SkinnyMs. are here to help. Losing weight and shedding inches is an achievable goal that will take an enormous amount of effort, and we’re here to lessen that burden by providing suggestions and guides as a way to steer to towards the path that is right for you.

Change the way you think about food.

Eating is not just something you can do thoughtlessly and expect to maintain a healthy and comfortable weight. You cannot expect to eat any food you want and get away with it weight-wise. Conversely, you don’t need to stress about every little thing you put into your mouth. There is a balance between these extremes, and it’s up to you to find it.
Consider what you eat. How balanced is your plate? How colorful is it? If your plate is overloaded with too many carbs and meats, you’ll struggle to get anywhere. Conversely, you cannot simply skip eating carbs entirely; you need fiber in your diet, and there are carbs out there which are good for your body to eat. A balanced plate will have proper portions of carbs, proteins, fruits, and vegetables. Nothing missing, everything in moderation.
If you’d like a week’s worth of planned meals to help you get started, take a gander at this 7-Day Menu Plan to Help You Lose Weight. You can find more menus like this on the site as well.

Find an exercise plan and modify it for your own needs.

There are numerous ways to exercise the body: cardio, lifting, stretches; you name it, it’s out there. They’re all designed to work on different aspects of the body’s health, so you need to decide what you want to work on. If you’d like to shave off inches on your stomach, you’ll want to look for exercise plans that focus on the stomach. It may be hard at first, but you will see results with dedication and time.
Exercise isn’t for everyone, but it is a critical part of weight loss for a reason. The very basis of losing weight is to have your calories taken in be less than the calories you work off in a day. Exercise expedites this natural process, allowing you to eat more than if you were completely sedentary. It is important to get in a minimum amount of movement per day, for your body’s health.
A useful starting guide is Top 10 Body Weight Workouts to Lose Weight.

Drink water.

Water is the very essence of life, and nothing else you can drink can compare to the pure hydration received from water. Water has no downsides; it naturally carries no calories or sugars. It should become the drink you reach for above all else, especially juices, milk, or coffee. Our bodies are made from mostly water, and need to be replenished daily. Dehydration, even when mild, can have severe health effects and cause your body to break down and refuse to lose weight. Drink water.
Here are 10 Ways Drinking Water Can Help You Lose Weight.

Be prepared for changes.

Your entire lifestyle must become healthy if you are to become healthy. Losing weight is the simple part; most people who lose weight gain most, if not all, of it back. This is because they have not changed their lifestyle in order to support their new, desired weight. There are lots of little things you do every day which may or may not help your weight loss goal. Every behavior must be reassessed in order to determine if it is helping you or hurting you. Of course, some changes may simply speed things up a bit.
Look at these 15 Simple Ways To Lose Weight Without Dieting and 50 Healthy Ways to Lose Weight for examples of these little things.

Don’t give up. 

Simple doesn’t mean easy. Not every body works the same way. You could struggle to lose weight while those around you slip down to their goals in no time at all. That’s okay. Compare yourself to them not to discourage yourself, but to motivate yourself: they did it, so I can, too.
It will take work. It may look like you’re losing weight and then you’ll find you’ve gained a pound back. That’s okay. If you’re gaining too many pounds back, then you’ll need to adjust your strategy. Otherwise? Losing weight is a process, so let it happen.
You’re doing this for you, because you want to. Because you decided to. Stick with it and give it a real shot before discouragement sets in. Work hard, even when you don’t want to. Don’t half-ass it. You chose this, and you need to hold yourself accountable.
Don’t be afraid of change.
Are you willing to work for what you want? Tell us your  goals in the comments.
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