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5 Best Moves to Get Rid of Side Fat

Side fat always seems to overstay it’s welcome. Even dedicated fitness enthusiasts have a tricky time shedding those extra pounds around their sides!  Oftentimes, ab exercises and routines fail to deliver the proper technique and pace instruction to help you eliminate this common problem area. Strategically designed to target this area and tone and tighten your sides, […]

High-Intensity Lower Body HIIT

Once in a while, you’re in the mood for an intense all-out workout. This great HIIT routine is guaranteed to tire you out in under 30 minutes. The intense lower body workout uses plyometric moves such as jump squats and tuck jumps. These moves are great for raising your heart rate and optimizing your calorie […]

How to Transform Your Butt

The butt is a muscle that can be trained just like any other. If you want to transform your butt, you need to work on making it stronger and more powerful. This will tone, grow, and shape your backside!This workout uses some of the most effective lower body moves to target the glutes. Transform your […]

10 Best Moves to Tone Your Legs

The legs have some of the largest muscles in the human body. Exercising them is not only important for building all over strength, but activating these large muscles also helps burn tons of calories. These 10 moves are some of the best leg exercises. They both build muscle and improve your cardiovascular endurance.You can choose […]

12-Minute Workout for Weight Loss

This workout for weight loss is guaranteed to raise your heart rate in just twelve minutes. We designed the workout using tabata, a training style regarded as one of the best for burning fat. You’ll be doing short 40-second bursts of high intensity exercises followed by brief recovery periods. This structure allows you to push […]

21-Day Trim Your Waist Challenge

What’s keeping you from achieving that sexy, slender waist of your dreams? Nothing! If your waistline regularly brings you insecurities or keeps you from wearing the clothes you love, you can do something about it! A trim and toned waist will give you that confidence boost to flaunt any outfit while adding extra appeal to your […]

20-Minute Booty Blast Circuit

This booty blast circuit is a short anywhere, anytime workout that will leave your glutes burning in just 20 minutes. You’ll do four rounds of five exercises each. Squats and lunges will elevate your heart rate while working your butt and thighs. The donkey kicks are great for isolating the butt muscles. In order to […]