6 Workouts for a Sexy, Sculpted Booty

Do you dream of buns of steel? Well, it’s about time you make your dreams a reality. If you’ve made a conscious effort to include squats in your daily workout menu and notice little/no results, that’s because standard squats only work your glutes from one angle. Variation is the key to sculpting a bangin’ booty!And in order to achieve a flaunt-worthy behind, you have to shake up your squat exercises by performing alternative versions, and powering through multiple exercises that work your glutes from all angles. The gluteal muscles, some of the largest, strongest in the body, make up the buttocks. Easily sculpted and toned through moves like lunges, deadlifts, leg presses, and stair climbing, your glutes require more than a few basic squats to reveal themselves. Designed with your bum in mind, these 6 foolproof workouts will strengthen and firm your butt and thighs, building muscle to help you achieve a rounder, perkier booty that’ll make heads turn. These workouts are no walk in the park; they’ll kick your butt while strengthening, toning, and sculpting it. So what are you waiting for? Time to feel that backside burn!

1. 3 Best Workouts to get a Firm, Rounded, Lifted Butt

When it comes to sculpting your booty, quality beats quantity in a landslide. These 3 exercises firm, tone, and tighten glutes by forcing you to concentrate on various critical muscles that need attention. This foolproof workout cuts straight to the chase, stealing a mere 5 minutes of your time while promising amazing results.

2. 30-Day Butt & Thigh Transformation 

Whip your booty into shape by conquering this fantastic 30-day challenge. This routine has you cycling through a series of squats and lunges and various other booty-building exercises. Not only does the workout tone and strengthen your butt muscles, it also works your thighs to give your legs a leaner, stronger appearance.

3. Get a Beautiful Butt in 3 Weeks

This 3-week challenge incorporates killer moves like Bulgarian split squats and donkey kicks that’ll really put your rear in gear! Each week calls for a different set of exercises that’ll keep you on your toes and prevent you from getting bored.Page 1NEXT