5 Best Home Workouts for Weight Loss

Hitting the gym requires more effort than just exercise; you can’t forget to include packing your bag, sitting in traffic, and squeezing in a shower afterwards! All in all, your gym endeavor itself can ultimately cost you twice as much time as your actual workout. And these days, juggling family and work responsibilities while running on a tight schedule makes it nearly impossible to afford this kind of time, ultimately tempting us to leave exercise on the backburner.In order to live a healthy lifestyle, making time for a regular sweat sesh is imperative, especially for those with weight loss ambitions. Luckily, you don’t need fancy equipment and a gym membership to power through an effective workout; in fact, you only need the comfort of home! Here at SkinnyMs., we’re hooking you up with exercise routines you can take on anytime, anywhere. Strategically designed to support weight loss endeavors, these head-to-toe workouts cost you a small chunk of the time it takes to hit the gym, and will trim, tone, and melt fat before you know it!

1. 7-Minute Body Weight Blast Workout

This fat blasting workout targets your entire body, and has you torching calories in a mere 7 minutes. Rotate through a group of 7 foolproof exercises that you perform for just 40 seconds at a time before taking a breather and hopping to the next.

2. Early-Bird Boot Camp Workout

Jumpstart your days with this awesome workout first thing in the morning, and you’ll lose inches in no time! Exercising first thing in the morning can energize you better than coffee, not to mention rev up your metabolism and have you burning cals at an accelerated rate throughout the day!

3. 15-Minute Bodyweight Boot Camp

This boot camp workout has you blasting through a series of fast-paced exercises that push your body to its limits and yield real results. In this powerful strength training routine, you rely solely on your bodyweight as opposed to machines or exterior weights. Complete 3 times a week for total body transformation!Page 1NEXT