The Guide To Your Gourmand’s Valentine’s Day Gift

Because we genuinely like you and are always happy when you come by to see what latest edible or drinkable we’re rambling about here, we’ve put together a little list inspired by Valentine’s Day. See, over the years we’ve developed an appreciation for life’s finer—that is, sweeter, more savory, and all-around more delicious—things, and we know we’re not alone in that regard .

What follows below are a few ideas for giving the foodie nearest and dearest to your heart the gift that’s nearest and dearest to his/her stomach this Valentine’s Day.Because more of us are stopping to not just smell the rosés, but to enjoy them with foods that compliment their nuances, Valentine’s Day feels appropriate to spin our gift-giving tendencies toward the gourmand, the gourmet, and everyone else who understands how tasty life can be.

Valentine’s Boozy Ice Cream

Inspired by cocktails classic and contemporary, this quartet of frozen treats let you give your bonny valentine the gift of ice cream and booze in one indulge+nt product. Tipsy Scoop’s intoxicating alcohol-infused ice creams aren’t just flavored with liquor, but carry an abv of 5%, so whether you’re eating them straight or blending them into cocktail shakes, they’ll make your V-Day dessert course a memorable one. Flavors are Cake Batter Vodka Martini, Raspberry Limoncello Sorbet, Strawberry Chocolate Martini Kiss, and Red Velvet Martini. [Image credit: Haley D. Williams]


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Roscato Rosso Dolce Sweet Red Wine

With the emphasis that Valentine’s Day tends to place on sweet indulgences like chocolate candy and extravagant desserts, there’s perhaps no better time of year to celebrate with a sweet red wine. Delicately frizzante and light-bodied, Roscato Rosso Dolce exudes aromatics of candied cherry and blackberries, underlaid by essences of baked mixed berry tarts. On the tongue, those fruity elements declare themselves loudly, joined by the tartness of raspberry to provide welcome structure and put some flesh onto the bones of this light, fun wine.  This one would pair perfectly with classic Italian fare as well as spicier cuisines like Thai and Indian.

SRP: $11.99


Nostalgia BCN6BK Bacon Express Crispy Bacon Grill

You might remember this one from our January 27th Friday Fourplay column. The Bacon Express will warm your favorite carnivore’s heart as it warms up to six strips of their breakfast meats on a vertical surface that lets fat drip away for a healthier (as healthy as bacon can or should ever be expected to be) strip. The device can be adjusted to accommodate various thicknesses of bacon and encloses the cooking action behind nonstick insulated doors to contain any grease splatters. Could make a welcome addition to your true love’s kitchen.


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Palais de Thés Paris for him & Paris for her Teas

Intense and invigorating, Paris for him brings notes of citrus fruit, coriander, and vanilla to the palate. This mysterious black tea embodies the spirit of a charming Parisian man, calling to mind cheerful evenings at lively terraces, enjoying fine food and wine with someone special.

Light and refreshing with a touch of elegance, Paris for her is a floral blend of green tea enlivened by wisps of rose, raspberry, and lychee. This tea captures the active city lifestyle of a Parisian woman who still finds time to relax and enjoy each day, enticing the drinker to escape busy daily routines now and then. Each of these teas provides a glimpse into the gourmet pleasures Paris is renowned for, while making an attractive gift that will captivate any tea aficionado.

Metal tin (3.5oz/100g) – $25.00
Cotton tea bags (box of 20) – $14.50

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Callia Bella Artisanal Red Blend

Another sweet red, this one from Argentina, Callia Bella expresses exotic aromas of blackberries and plums, violets, and a touch of new leather. The blackberry and leather essences re-emerge at once on the tongue with this Syrah-Malbec blend is sipped, with the leather hint following behind along with subtle cherry notes. Whatever your plans may be this Valentine’s Day, this sweet wine with its supple tannins and luscious finish will be a welcome presence on the table between your plate and your significant other’s.

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