Where to Find You’ve Gotta Try 5 Most Unusual Foods Around the UK

t’s a new year, and as such, people tend to start making resolutions that they know deep down they have neither the means nor sufficient motivation to keep only to abandon them soon afterward. Food lovers with some coin to spare tend to include travel in such resolutions, as in “I resolve to travel more this year in search of foods that are exotic and unfamiliar.”

Great; but now that you’ve resolved thus: Where ya gonna go? Well, for me personally, the United Kingdom has long ranked highly on my “To Visit” list.  The infographic below provides an apt illustration of some reasons for this.

Yeah, I know: The UK has a certain (outdated) reputation when it comes to food. Mention it in the same sentence with any kind of reference to putting food in your face, and people tend to envision fish and chips, bland and underwhelming dishes, and not much else. But the UK boasts a vast variety of regional specialties, and is home to some of the world’s most innovative chefs. This infographic gives us the rundown on some of the less globally-recognized dishes throughout the UK (sorry, Haggis), like the sweet Scottish desert known as Cranachan and the Clootie Dumpling (arguably, the best-named food of all time), as well as the pease pudding of North East England. It also shares tips on restaurants you can visit in order to get in on the unusual eats around the UK.

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