DIY Pickled Veggies

If you have a vegetable garden, you know how hard it can be to eat all those fresh veggies. Pickling is a great way to preserve them, and it’s easy! The best part about pickling is that you can use any vegetables you like and add your favorite herbs and spices to customize the flavor of your pickles. Play around with flavor pairings to make DIY pickled veggies that are perfectly suited to your tastes. You can’t go wrong, though! Any spice combo you use will leave you with tangy, tasty veggies that you’ll be able to enjoy for weeks.

1. Prepare the jars

Wash your jars thoroughly with soap and water and dry them by hand, or allow them to air dry.

2. Choose and cut your veggies

Decide which veggies you’re going to pickle. The choices are endless–carrots, beets, cherry tomatoes, green tomatoes, green beans, asparagus, cucumbers, and onions are all delicious pickled. Peel and slice cucumbers and cut the rest of the veggies into whatever size and shape you like.

3. Blanch veggies (optional)

Blanching green beans and asparagus can help preserve their color, and blanching beets and carrots can help enhance their flavor. To blanch, put your veggies in a pot with water, and bring the water to a boil. After two minutes, plunge the veggies in ice water.

4. Add desired herbs and spices to jars (optional)

You don’t have to add herbs and spices, but they add tons of flavor.
You can use any combination of fresh herbs and spices you like! Black peppercorns, ginger, turmeric, basil, dill, thyme, mustard seeds, jalapenos, and dried chili peppers are all great options.

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