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5 DIY Acne Treatments

No matter what age you are, there is always the possibility that you can have a bad skin day. Whether its just an overall issues with your T-zone or a grotesque pimple that could not be covered, having acne can put a damper on your day and mood. It can be hard to go out […]

5 All-Natural Sunscreens Your Body Needs

Sunscreen isn’t just important at the beach–it’s a great way to protect your skin all summer long. Any time you’re out in the hot sun taking a walk, gardening, or just lounging, you’re susceptible to sunburn. Sunburns aren’t just painful and uncomfortable, they’re also dangerous and can increase your risk of skin cancer. Take care […]

How to Tone Your Tush with A Fanny Facial

No, we’re not joking. You can actually improve your bottom’s appearance with a fanny facial. And, why not? There’s no reason you shouldn’t be proud of your skin, from head to toe—including your rear. Learn how to tone your tush with a fanny facial.While fancy spas increasingly offer the fanny facial as a service, you […]

5 Tasty Secrets to Beautiful Skin

Cosmetic companies will fool you into thinking the recipe to beautiful skin lies in expensive creams, designer lotions, and exfoliating cleansers. Although these high-quality products certainly can’t hurt, businesses don’t want you to know that consistently healthy, radiant skin starts from deep within your body, not a jar. Products applied topically only go so far […]

How to be Healthy and Fit in Your 50s

Forget slowing down! If you’re in your 50s, now is the perfect time to reboot your lifestyle for improved well-being. Learn how to be healthy and fit in your 50s.The 50s can be a crazy-busy time for a woman. Family, friends, work, volunteering, hobbies…no matter what you focus on, it’s a must to carve out […]

5-Day Guide to Cutting Out Refined Sugar

These days, it seems like refined sugar is everywhere. The stuff gets sneaked into tons of processed foods, including pseudo-healthy ones like fruit juices and health bars. It’s also mostly likely one of the reasons your weight loss progress is not where you’d like it to be. A simple solution? Cut it out completely!The bitter truth about the […]

5 Fermented Foods that Flush Fat

Each year, Americans spend millions of dollars on weight loss products, emptying their wallets left and right on pre-made diet meals, supplements, detox drinks, and calorie-controlled snacks. Companies do a super job advertising their brands’ alleged weight loss abilities, and customers fall victim time and time again to temptation. But these companies don’t want you […]