Some Clean Eating Bowl Recipes to get you started!

One of the easiest ways to eat clean is by putting a bunch of healthy foods together in a bowl. You can make hot bowls and cold bowls, sweet bowls, and savory bowls. You can make breakfast bowls, lunch bowls, dinner bowls, and smoothie bowls. The possibilities are endless! Bowls are also a great way to use up leftovers and a fast, easy way to pack your lunch. Here are some clean eating bowl recipes to get you started!

1. Protein Blueberry Quinoa Breakfast BowlVanilla Quinoa and Roasted Blueberry Breakfast Bowl

Wake up to a heaping bowl of superfoods. Quinoa is packed with protein and fiber to keep you full until lunch. Add blueberries for some antioxidants, and your day is off to a great start.

2. Breakfast Yogurt Bowl With Homemade Plum Sauce

Breakfast-Yogurt-Bowl-with-Plum-sauce-Goji-Grapes copy

The grapes, goji berries, and homemade plum sauce give it a natural sweetness.Since Greek yogurt is high in protein and contains probiotics, it’s a great healthy breakfast option.

3. Individual Egg & Spinach BowlsIndividual Egg & Spinach Bowls

Eggs are one of the healthiest foods in the world. They are high in protein, vitamin D, and B-vitamins. Bake your eggs with some veggies for a deliciously light breakfast.

4. Lean Green Protein Smoothie BowlLean, Green Protein Smoothie Bowl

This smoothie bowl is full of superfoods. Kale, Greek yogurt, spirulina, bananas, and flax seeds provide a ton of protein, fiber, antioxidants, and electrolytes.

5. Mini Taco Salad Bowls Mini Taco Salad Bowls 2

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