Here are 10 Weight Watchers recipes with 5 points or fewer when you need a light meal to balance a big treat

Weight Watchers is a great weight-loss program, since it’s all about moderation and portion control. The point system lets you know how much you’ve eaten, as well as how much you should still eat on any given day. If you’re planning for a big meal, Weight Watchers’s point system will let you know how many points you have for the rest of your meals for that day. Here are 10 Weight Watchers recipes with 5 points or fewer, for those days when you need a light meal to balance a big treat.

1. Individual Egg and Spinach Bowls (2 points)Individual Egg & Spinach Bowls

Fewer food pairings are healthier than eggs and spinach. These individual egg and spinach bowls are packed with protein, fiber, and iron, while staying low in calories.

2. Superfoods Smoothie (5 points)

Superfoods Smoothie

This superfoods smoothie is aptly named. Green tea, ginger, blueberries, and kefir are the main ingredients, so it has tons of antioxidants. It also has fiber, electrolytes, and protein, so you’re drinking 5 powerful points.

3. Old-Fashioned Pancakes (5 points)


Pancakes can make a healthy breakfast if, like these, they’re made with whole-wheat flour, egg whites, and almond milk. You can top them with your favorite fruit.

4. Tomato, Hummus, and Spinach Sandwich (3 points)


A simple sandwich can be tremendously satisfying. This tomato, hummus, and spinach sandwich is easy to prepare, easy to pack, and easy to enjoy.

5. Fresh & Hearty Salad (5 points)

Fresh & Hearty Salad

Spice up your usual lunch by making this fresh and hearty salad. Unlike bottled dressings, our dressing doesn’t contain any sugar.

6. Paleo-Friendly Meaty Veggie Roll-Ups (1 point)

Paleo Friendly Meaty Veggie Roll-Ups

These Paleo-friendly meaty veggie roll-ups make a light lunch or snack, and they’re only 1 point per serving! We’ve included our favorite meat-veggie combinations, but feel free to experiment.

7. Slow Cooker Turkey Stew (4 points)

Slow Cooker Turkey Stew

You can freeze it and warm up a portion when you need a fast, healthy meal.This slow cooker turkey stew is full of lean protein, healthy spices, and veggies.

8. German Schnitzel, Slow Cooker Style (5 points)

German Schnitzel, Slow Cooker Style

Schnitzel is crunchy, delicious, and usually fried. Our version is made in a slow cooker, uses whole-wheat breadcrumbs, and is healthier than the traditional version.

9. Whole-Grain Penne Pasta with Greens & Beans (3 points)

Whole Grain Penne Pasta with Greens & Beans

This whole-grain penne pasta with greens and beans is healthy and tasty. Whole-grain pasta has more fiber and B-vitamins than refined pasta, the beans add protein, and the garlic and red pepper flakes add zest.

10. Zucchini-Bell Pepper Pizza (3 points)

Zucchini-Bell Pepper Pizza

You don’t have to give up pizza to eat healthily. Our zucchini-bell pepper pizza brings you fresh veggies and low-fat cheese with a tasty whole-wheat crust.

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